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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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but we want to make sure we preserve the supplies overall our picture going 0 into next year is relatively good on the precipitation front we're at the beginning of the year if you look at this closely you'll see a bump from last saturday from the men's show it was not anything to speak about and prpgs later this week and the good news is the peak about 3 weeks ago we hit a hot spell we're staying below the level to achieve the 10 percent demand for the year in looking at our custom water savings we calculated and need to save 8
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thousand gallons to achieve a reduction and we did that it is below but the grass is full the water is needed this year and it's a tribute to our customers both inside and outside of san francisco but looking at next year our customers did really well, this year but the 10 percent conservatism needs to continue into 2015 we will be in april before we know what next year about turnout i've mentioned another or above per television station we'll be above it and if we say a year similar to 2007 we have to keep going forward but if we have a bad year we'll start talking about this to how to plan going forward but 20
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percent given the amount of savings we've achieved in the last 15 years it's going to be a challenge but if we will have to we have to i'm available to answer questions thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> okay. >> with that, that ends my report. >> okay item 9. >> item 9 is a barn oversight annual report and audit finding. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm kevin the current chair of the revenue bond oversight committee today is the presentation that covers fiscal year 2013-2014 while i like to give you highlights of
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our activities in our finding for the chair in 2013-2014 our w consulting firmer looked at it telephone call to be on time and on budget and some of the key findings is it would not be finished on time and on budget that is due to the scheduling impacts for the unforeseen things at at dam that was confirmed by a firmer the conclusion is sf puc couldn't take additional measures for the cost overruns we've done we took the finding and recommended the corrective action as a consequence of the finding of that report the result of those
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corrective action will be evaluated in 2013-2014 but we want to say that or buck worked with the directors julie and current director to agree upon an assessment what or book has done is to evaluate the cost measures and operation and management costs as it relates to projects to insure that further budget revisions will not be needed that's for 2014-2015 in the past 9 months or buck
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they've helped or buck tharbok current report is in the final stages we can talk about the highlights but wait fill that report has been vested and the feedback from the stakeholders have been takes into account and release the report i anticipate we'll present to this body those lessons learned to help us help the commission and help the committee guide our program with the evaluations and oversight for the next few years as the woody allen accept is winding down and we'll try to take the lessons learned and apply them to everyone that participants that we have what we like to do as part of
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the end report acknowledge and express our appreciation to sf puc staff for the task of the committee and take some time off to acknowledge that todd the general manager we waited to have an out going member of arresting buck who served as vice chair he gave many years of our service in san francisco ethics commission but to the systems of the wholesale customers and give recognition to his service and express tour appreciation to the members of the public who came to the committee hearings with that, that wraps up my presentation for this year's annual report
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fizzing. >> thank you, mr. chang. >> any public comment on that report? seeing none, the next item, please. >> item 10 a bosco update. >> good afternoon chair and kvpt and members of the commission it is interesting to be on this side i'm the chair of bosco and i've been on that board since 2003 and i've been on the council since 19 years oh, my goodness it's different to be on this side. >> i'll add for the identification for everyone you've been on the city council
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since 1995 if that's correct and on the san bruno council during the san bruno embarrass line explosion and i'm certain you're still quite involved. >> yes. as you know. >> you've been chair of boo could since january of 2013 and served the boards members inception of 2003. >> yes. thank you very much and it is very good to be here i'm sorry it took long and january is my last month as chair of bosco i want to thank you for the opportunity to say hello and introduce myself thank you for having me and boo could
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is proud of the major results we've achieved in our first 10 years including the public utilities commission commissioner courtney you you've mentioned the importance of treating bosco and our water yourselves of customers that is part of the foundation of a strong relationship other achievements are the new water supply agreement and process with the water program and the elective fight for the huge program and close cooperation with the water conservation you've seen from the report from steve richie the current draft and bosco is proud to initiate a $50 million bond sale to pay off the capital depth to san francisco that bends the puc and all commits
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the bosco board appreciates the active participation of mr. kelly and mr. carolyn and assistant manager steve richie and other senior members of the puc staff all our bosco meetings we look forward to additional areas of bosco participation and one is the water program in 2016 if we can management it on time and on budget and another area that is moving to identify the condition of the tunnels near the hetch hetchy reservoir and from a ca if i we should focus
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on the efforts on the consequences of such an event i urge you to direct your staff to continue the efforts to address that thank you for the opportunity to talk and if you have questions or comments i'll be happy to address. >> i'll echo the chairman's thoughts of her long and effective service having been part of bosco inception thank you very much for your service this is an important organization. >> my hair was long and brown when i started. >> (laughter). >> you've seen the pictures. >> thank you very much thank you all for your service too. >> thank you so much and can i give a comment i wanted to say it's been a pleasure you know working with bosco and it's been
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great but i had an opportunity to see you as chair and you do amazing work and make us feel welcome i appreciate that and thank you very much i appreciate our words. >> is there any public comment on this report? seeing none, the next item, please. >> item 11 is the consent calendar calendar, are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. 11 action work by the provision engineering for the contract approving the modification
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decreasing the contract by 8 hundred thousand plus for consequence calendar days and authorize the final payment to the contract and b accept the work by the provision engineering approve the modification to decrease the contract by $900,000 plus and authorize the final payment to the contractor and c accept the work by sharp pipeline by w w-63 approving the modification decreasing the contract by $12,000 plus with 28 consecutive days and the next one will increasing the contract by 56 thousand 8 hundred and 6 with consecutive days and authorizing
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the general manager to execute a mou mia for the inside garden f authorize the joint fund with the geology local survey for $900,000 plus with a duration of 5 years. >> oh, thank you do you have any requests to remove an item commissioners any members of the public want to remove an item from the consent calendar do i have a motion. >> i'll move. >> all in favor, say i. opposed? the motion carries so, now we're going to move along and hear item 16. >> item 16 adapt the final mitigation for the declaration and mitigation program for the patrick gun club remedial action
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project approve project c-28101 for the gun club action project and there is no the general manager to request the mayor and board of supervisors approval of a spill appropriation of $1.79 million. >> steve richie. >> assistant general manager we're here requesting the approval for the gun site clean up the clean up of the led shot between 1994 as a result of the gun clubs activities waltz the carbons associated with the targets that were used up in 2000 clear up as proposed is going to a level that will 0 allow unrestricted use of the property in the future that's our goal there's a cost increase notice this is largely due to an
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expansion of the clean up area and it was larger than originally looked at it needs to be add to the clear up area one of the things we've done as well, not recorded in here we've done an eco management and it can say that there is not a need we see to clean up the led that is underwater at this point at that time, it is unavailable to the receptor terrors we'll not have to do additional clean up but maybe some further investigations i want to do to acknowledge the efforts off our staff on that project sponsor who is here today and really put in a lot of work to bring this along and keep it on schedule and moving forward so with that,
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i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> questions commissioners? oh, mr. richie i'll call for public comment >> one speaker card mr. allen. >> mr. allen? >> (inaudible). >> oh, okay. i don't have any other speaker cards so okay. >> hello, i'm david i'm here on behalf of the patrick can gun club i've disagreed with the
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study that was mitigated in the negative declaration i don't want to repeat that i don't see any necessity to do that but i wanted to come to talk about there are mitigation measures within the mitigated negative declaration you're probably aware of because of the historic landscape and the presence of the patrick can gun club over time the mitigation measures require the removal and storage and restoration of certain structures and facilities of the club at that time, and i'm asking that the puc include in that process members of the club who aimitating aware they be slitd in the progression r process to move and store and
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restore those features and instructs back to the site that's really all i'm here to speak about today like i say we may have disagreed in the past but admire the commitment to clean up so we're support of that. >> i have a question for you, i don't know what type of shots you use now is that cleaned up weekly or everyday. >> we can probably answer that but i think the kind of shot this is there and going forward if we were able to go forward in the future will kind of the shot and kind of clay does not have at toxic materials that xoiftsd prior to 1994 and prior to 2000.
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>> but do you actually remove it or does it stay there. >> it denegrates on its own. >> okay do having i have a speaker card. >> good afternoon dick allen and lieutenant at the lake merced the boat house they've been there for 25 years i'm sure you're aware of i was the founding member of the lake merced task force and for 14 years and here to endorse the puc and mr. rich i didn't see comments we should be able to move forward i was disturbed to read in the paper the complarm that the gun club wanted to remove their lease prior to clean up i strongly oppose that
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if there seems to be support for that activity i have comments that i've prepared to give you support to reject that 0 request by the patrick can cabin club thank you. >> thank you, mr. allen mr. richie if i may the gentleman's comments about having the support and assistance of the cabin club in the nature we'll fulfill do that we've indicated that with the planning commission that request is easy to grant and it's welcome. >> are there any more questions or comments? >> do i have a motion. >> i'll move it all in favor, say i. opposed? the motion carries very good. >> lettuce turn back to item
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12. >> award agreement number c s-39 for an amount not to exceed $3 million with a duration not to exceed 3 years. >> good afternoon karen the director for the improvement program this rfp about enable us to complete the planning and design of the new facility for the southeast plant this is the facility that now, was built in the 18950s with the liquid enters the plant it has to remove solids and grit it will provide odor control we need to have this facility in place prior to the bio frog facility this project is part of the phase one promotions that was approved by the commission and endorsed the contract is $14 million for 6 years and we
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recommend the engineers move forward. >> questions comments? >> i'm move it. >> second. >> before i call for the question any public comments seeing none, all in favor, say i. i opposed? the motion carries thank you so item 13 is off calendar item 14 approval revenue generating program for the street light poles for the outdoor antenna systems authorizing the general manager to execute an amendment to the 2013 to the puc 2013 guidelines and. >> let's see who is speaking to n this. >> oh, you're hiding behind the
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podium (laughter). >> sorry. >> thank you barbara hail for power i'm happy to be presenting the good work of a group of folks at the puc together with the city attorney this is our new proposed street light proposal practice writing program that will generate revenue for us and as i say it represents the good work of folks from you power and folks from real estate and the assistance of joanne from the city attorney's office in item we're asking firing approval the master license agreement agreement would permit the wireless carries to mount equipment on our poles and link to our circuits and allow us to
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execute those master license agreement distributed antenna systems program would conflict with our curiosity street light policy that doesn't allow us to use poles for profit entities the public works codes lays out through the dpw the issuance of personal wireless site permits here in the city and that codes lace out sets the responsibility for sequa compliance, for prove that a facilities as proposed will operate in compliance with public health compliance standards and for us it permits the applicant to secure the owners permission for the poles
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use we're the owner that's our role within the cities regulatory treasure story distributed antenna systems and wireless facilities what is that we're physically talking about in the photo here as you can see a typical street light pole on the left and what is the proposed are attachments you see on the right with the circles around p them the antenna and supporting equipment and another example some of the equipment is mounted lower on the pole and again, this is version has the antenna lower on the pole and mount to some separation from the pole itself so that's just to give you a flavor for the kinds of things
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you might be seeing on the poles if the agreement moves o move forward but we're proposing a pole license fee that's a real estate license of $4,000 per year with a 4 thousand annual escalation we want a 12 year term for the operation of the facilities for about 10 years and about 2 years worth of planning and permit and design before the installation is operating we're also requiring under this master license agreement for strands of fiber for city use they're required to provide details and procedures and fees for approval and installation a 4 hundred and 40 there's fee and a 9 hundred there's fee for the engineering staff to perform the
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reviews it is a styled review for the use of a standard tap everyday steel pole so one master agreement they'll subsequently identify the poles and all the power for the facilities will be provide as r by us. >> our scope of refugee went over quickly is summarized on this slide it is important for you to be consulting with the planning department regarding the aesthetics that's their role and nothing will actually move forward until we've conformed the sequa compliance program provides a number of benefits both for the city and specifically for power for the city it is the facilities that are being proposed to be installed will enhance the
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wireless coverage and mediating meet the i have no speaker cards demands for the speed and provides for expansion for the city with the four strands for city department use and captains the overlay fiber for the overall public use specifically for power it will the fees i've distributed for obvious use of pole are expected to generate a million dollars per year in addition revenue with that, i'm happy to take questions or comments. >> questions. >> i look for your support. >> a couple of questions. the term is 12 years >> correct. >> and what happens after the 12 years. >> after the 12 years the devices will be removed unless the carry wishes to are you new the license. >> and the agreement didn't
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have any specific renewal provisions. >> no, i don't believe so no. >> that's whatever we decide in 12 years in terms of follow-up. >> i'll anticipate the staff will bring it back consistent with the real estate guidelines at that time. >> i notice there's review of electrical capability i didn't see any specific consideration of radio frequency interference and especially, as we get into you know new led and lights that use some of that technology and either or interference with them or us how is that dealt with. >> so i guess there's two issues one issue with respect to radio frequency is addressed by the public health


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